Fortnite rips up Tilted for new Wild West theme

The first Fortnite update of season 10 is here, and with it comes a radical redesign of key location Neo Tilted into the Wild West-themed Tilted Town.

Perhaps even more notable is this area of the map’s special property – a bubble within which no mining or building is possible – leaving it entirely combat-focused.

When Fortnite season 10 launched last week there were curiously few changes to the map overall. Instead, it looks like we’ll get them week by week as notable places of interest get zapped back or forwards in time. (Files hinting at changed versions of Lazy, Moisty, and Tomato Town coming next.)

Dipping into the area for a match, there are musical cues to show when you’re entering and exiting the zone. The whole place has a slight sepia tone to it, also.

You’ll find a few vaulted weapons here, too – the era appropriate double barrel shotgun, six shooter, hunting rifle and infantry rifle.

Somewhat surprisingly, however, there’s no changes at all (yet) to Fortnite’s troublesome and overpowered mechs, despite plenty of calls for them to be nerfed. Next patch, perhaps?